Patterson Physical Therapy

Patterson Physical Therapy

Specializing In:

  • Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization
  • Manual Therapy
  • Pre & Post Operative Joint Replacement Therapy
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Neural Dynamic Techniques
  • Electro-Therapies
  • Post Rehabilitation
  • Speed Strength & Agility Training 

Aquatic Physical Therapy at SPY Aquatics

  Imagine an environment in which you are floating, almost weightless, warm & quiet. You feel a sensation applied to the entire body which decreases swelling in your joints and other soft tissues. If you move slowly, your activity seems effortless but to speed up you face a resistance ten times greater than air. Yes, this is the wave of the future(and the past). By "wave" I mean water, of course. For centureis man has been using the healing effect of water to improve health and vitality.

  Taking advantage of the buoyancy principle of water counteracts the effects of gravity on our bodies. It is the same principles that allow people with a painful joint in their leg or an aching back to walk without a limp and bear weight on their limbs without discomfort. Any portion of the body that is submersed in water is subject to this buoyancy factor which is proportional to the volume and mass of the submersed body or part of the body. You can work on activities such as stair climbing, kneeling, and squatting with greater comfort in the water. The water provides for endless options in treating many conditions by lessening pain.
   It's a fact that we need water everyday. Next time you have a glass of water, think about breaking out of the glass to see all of waters benefits!

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