Pool Rentals

Open swim is available as scheduled but is subject to change at any time.  Groups of 10 or more (intending to participate in open swim time) are required to rent a portion of the pool in advance. 

BIRTHDAY PARTIES – A portion of the pool can be rented for Parties for $70.00 per hour for up to 20 swimmers.  There will be an additional charge for parties of over 20 swimmers.  The entire pool may also be rented for $175 per hour.  This rate includes one lifeguard.  Additional lifeguard fees may apply. 

Note:  No food or drink is allowed in the facility.  Two weeks notice is required to schedule a party.  

Party Requests


POOL RENTALS - Pool Rentals are available during open swim and “rental” times.  Questions and reservations should be addressed to the Pool Desk at 410-315-7779